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Collections are visual galleries of all of the rich illustrations, artifacts, photographs and other materials the library has collected. Explore these items here. For essays and interprative text about the objects, check out the Exhibits section of the website.

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Carteles de Alucho

Alejandro Rodríguez Fornés 'Alucho' is a prolific graphic designer and an important figure in the use of emerging technologies and digital art in Cuban graphic design.


Brave Enough to be First

When Janet Brown, Lynn Briley, and Karen Ely first moved into their freshmen dorms in Jefferson Hall at William & Mary, they were unaware of the significance of their presence — the three women were the first African Americans in residence at the…


Fact & Fantasy

The books represented in this collection were intended to give mostly French and English audiences a view "through the lens of costume" into the lives of peoples and places near and far, from the recent and distant past. Grounded in historical and…


UnMade in Cuba

Film posters generally draw attention to movies that have been projected on screens. These carteles de cine, however, reference "ghost films" that were never made. In showcasing Cuba's rich cinema and vibrant graphic design traditions, these 53…


Staying Connected: The Carl Fehr Project

Scrapbooks from the Dr. Carl "Pappy" Fehr collection are currently being digitized, described, and rehoused by College of William and Mary alumni and student volunteers. Dr. Fehr's collection also includes hundreds of photographs, dozens of audio…